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The “Polaire Mendès” project was launched in 2018 at the instigation of Igor Fosseux, manager of the Infinity group. Creator of technical knitted fabrics, 4F, a Nancy-based company affiliated with the group, found itself producing fleece on the arms, the colour of which was not suitable. In accordance with the group’s CSR policy, and particularly in terms of training, 4F welcomed during this period two trainees from the Pierre Mendès France high school in Epinal wishing to specialise in the textile trades. Their mission went beyond the framework of an end-of-studies internship, it was a question of improving the living conditions of hundreds of homeless people thanks to the creation of a fleece jacket entirely designed for their life on the street.

Conclusion of the FIRST EDITION

Result ? No less than 150 fleece jackets were made and distributed to homeless people in Nancy and Epinal. In the weeks following the distributions, feedback from beneficiaries was overwhelmingly positive, encouraging the entrepreneur to repeat the project.

A growing project…

… quantitatively

Once again driven by Igor Fosseux, the 2020 edition of the Polar Mendes project took place under the aegis of the Rotary Club of Nancy Majorelle. The project has evolved and expanded, going from 150 fleeces distributed in 2019, 460 in 2020, 750 in 2021 to 600 in 2022. An increase in the number of fleeces made, leading to an increase in beneficiary cities. This year, the distribution took place in Nancy and Epinal – historic cities of the project – but also in Metz, Strasbourg and Stuttgart thanks to local relays:
      • Nancy – ARS (Accueil et Réinsertion Sociale)
      • Epinal –  ADALI (Association pour le Développement de l’habitat, l’Accompagnement, le Logement et l’Insertion.)
      • Strasbourg – S.A.S (Strasbourg Action Solidarité)
      • Metz – AIM (Association d’Information et d’Entraide Mosellane) 

… qualitatively

All of the Infinity Group companies are forward-looking and advocate for environmentally responsible and sustainable product development. This project is no exception to the principles of 4F, the new fleece being made from recycled post-consumer bottles (rPET). For this new production, the specifications have not changed, the only notable and essential modification being the creation of a fleece for children. The making of the 460 fleeces required nearly 500 hours of work and used 1,011 meters of material, i.e. nearly 9,000 recycled bottles.

… Societally

Ecologically responsible, but also socially. In fact, the coordination of the making of these fleeces, like last year, was ensured by Bragard in Epinal, but carried out in part in the reintegration workshops of the association Des Femmes en Fil based in Nantes, which allows the reintegration of people through sewing and tailoring, especially for women in social exclusion. In Tunis, production was carried out in workshops employing disabled people. It was an opportunity to bring an additional societal dimension to the project.

ABOUT Finance

It is important to remember that this project only has a social and societal purpose, and that no participating company generates a profit through it. The fleeces were financed by a foundation, an association and corporate sponsors.


You can donate to keep the project alive by clicking  here:

I want to help homeless people.

From a second choice fabric destined for destruction finally follows the beginning of a magnificent societal history…. To be continued.


  • The students from Mendès France, year 2019, Agnese and Jorane for their investment in the early stages of this project.

  • The Rotary Club Nancy Majorelle for having accepted to take over this ambitious project.

  • Bragard, for having coordinated the manufacturing of the fleeces.

  • The associations for their welcome and support for the distribution.

  • All the actors who have participated directly or indirectly in this human project, for their time, their materials or their know-how.

  • The Rotary Clubs in France and abroad who responded present to have always more homeless people benefiting from the fleeces.  



What are the technical specifications of this fleece ?

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